What Does The Roe V Wade Decision Mean For Australia?

Australians woke up to an avalanche of terror, bitterness and horror across the Northern Hemisphere on Saturday when American citizens were denied the right to abortion.

The conservative majority of the United States Supreme Court voted in favor of the landmark 1973 decision establishing the constitutional right to abortion, Roe v. He became aware of the intention to overthrow Wade. Kentucky, South Dakota and Louisiana repealed their constitutional rights that take effect automatically after the Friday ruling, allowing states to enforce their own laws, and at least 26 states are expected to ban abortion.

roe v. The decision to unseat Wade is a shocking leap, an attack on the autonomy of the body and the rights of women and women with a womb, and will undoubtedly have repercussions around the world. In Australia, the decisions of the High Court seem crude and clearly take place in a dystopian parallel universe. It’s a psychotic hellish show where a group of aging thinkers can make violent, life-altering decisions about other people’s bodies based on conservative and patriarchal principles. , a surprisingly conservative and seemingly religious mission for precise control.

But even here, our rights are not strong.

Australians do not have a universal right to abortion. Abortion was only decriminalized in New South Wales in 2019, Queensland in 2018 and Victoria in 2008. Western Australia was the first state to legalize abortion up to 20 weeks in 1998, but it is still part of the state criminal code. duly decriminalized. We do not have the constitutional right to choose to have an abortion and access to abortion is not guaranteed. This will vary greatly depending on your location and circumstances.

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Dailey Keeler, CEO of Children by Choice, a Brisbane-based non-profit organization that offers support for all pregnancy options, including abortion, told VICE that the National Strategy for Women’s Health is a guide universal, free (or affordable) offers. she wanted to know what the federal or state and territory governments are already doing to fulfill that promise.

“In fact, we saw the decriminalization of South Australia on Friday,” he said.

While the Australian States and Territories are apprêtent to legalize the depenalization of l’avortement, Kelleher declared that there are a number of name obstacles to the fourniture d’un accès sûr à l’avortement à travers the country.

“I think some [states] are working hard to include access to the health care system once they pass legislation, while others check the box and say ‘before’.”

“It’s really lopsided in Australia,” Kelleher said of progress in making abortion access part of the national health system.

“We have a workforce problem. For those who study medicine and obstetrics, they should know that abortion is part of what they are exposed to and what they are supposed to do”. ”

“Several current laws allow conscientious objection to military service, an attempt to balance the right of those who do not want an abortion with the right of those who want an abortion. But we know how it really happens. In fact, it creates a lot of obstacles for people.”

Although abortion is legal in most states, conscientious objection legislation has been criticized. A 2019 study in Victoria found abuses of conscientious objection by phone operators, pharmacists, foundations and government political groups. All the doctors interviewed had negative experiences with the law, including direct violations of the law by not referring patients to the right doctors for abortion, trying to blame women, or trying to delay women’s access to abortion.

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MSI Australia Policy Manager Bonnie Corbyn told ABC that while people still face significant cost and stigma in Australia, only around 9% of GPs offer surgery. Abortion costs can also range from a group bill for medical card holders up to $8,000 for temporary visa holders.

roe v. Overturning the Wade case is unlikely to have a direct impact on Australian civil law, but there are fears the ruling could increase stigma for those seeking abortion treatment.

“I think making very personal decisions about your body is uncomfortable and can create a lot of stigma and negative thinking in society,” Corbyn told The Age.

Another concern is that the decision could strengthen Australia’s anti-abortion group, which has so far welcomed the news. Conservative zealots at the government level, including liberal senator Matt Canavan, happily tweeted “a wonderful day to protect human life” on Twitter.

Although recognized by experts around the world, many lives will be destroyed and many more will die without safe access to abortion.

Kelleher said he hopes Australian governments across the country will support the decision and get on board so that abortion treatment cannot be phased out, as it is treated as health care and not “political football.”

“It will be something we should always recognize and push for because it is political. But the most powerful thing governments can do in terms of leadership in this area is to ensure that ‘they include universal abortion care in our medical care”. system.”

“We are not where the United States is. We do not have the structures and systems that they have. But this is an important moment in which we realize that there are still gaps, that there are still barriers and that there is still Of course hospitals don’t provide this kind of treatment, and we really think there should be a stronger push Government leadership is what we need.

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